Our Vision for Capacity Building Collaboration

Creative Collaborations is excited to work alongside technical and technology assistance providers (TAPs) to strengthen our nonprofit sector and our collective capacity for social change. We intend to partner with existing TAPs to complement services offered in order to fill in the infrastructure and capacity-building gaps for nonprofit organizations.

Our intent is to partner with TAPs to expand on existing services rather than compete with or duplicate services of existing TAPs. If a TAP is better able to provide a set of services for the smaller nonprofits that we hope to serve, we will work to transition those nonprofits to the TAP.

Our Activities, Service Provision, and Funding Strategies

The activities and services Creative Collaborations provides will arise from our needs assessment and focus on the high-needs areas identified by small- to mid-size organizations. The services we provide and how we provide them will depend on the product or service, the legal or tax constraints, and what makes most short- and long-term sense for the community.

We will offer services to organizations through one of the following mechanisms:

  1. 1.Partnering with an existing TAP to provide those services,

  2. 2.Contracting out the work to independent service providers or consultants,

  3. 3.Providing the service in-house, and/or

  4. 4.Building the internal capacity of organizations to do the work themselves.

What Would a Partnership Look Like Between Creative Collaborations and Your Technical Assistance Organization?

We'd like to ask you.

  1. 1.What would it look like for Creative Collaborations to serve the organizations that fall outside your scope? Could your TAP be a mentor/incubator for Creative Collaborations, with a shared revenue agreement between us for the organizations that Creative Collaborations serves?

  2. 2.What would it look like for Creative Collaborations to offer services that you do not currently provide? Could Creative Collaborations provide the testing ground for potential offerings your TAP is looking to provide, or could we provide value-added, supplementary services for TAP projects?

  3. 3.What would it look like to seek funding together to close the gaps, to provide a pipeline for growing organizations to start with Creative Collaborations and eventually transition into your TAP’s services?

  4. 4.What would it look like to share our resources (human, material, informational) to add value to all of the organizations we are both serving?

  5. 5.What would it look like to share our resources to train interested individuals from vulnerable and marginalized communities and provide internship, apprenticeship, and employment opportunities?

While we continue growing our capacity, we’d love to hear what you are doing. Please contact us if you’re interested in discussing possible opportunities for collaboration. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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