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Please contact us at or call 206-723-0771 to get started on the application process.

Membership & Dues

We ask all Creative Collaborations organizational members to complete the membership form, complete the annual nonprofit infrastructure survey, and actively participate in the collaboration (at a level dependent on your capacity).

Membership dues are sliding-scale based on your organization’s annual budget, size, and lifecycle. See Membership Form (downloadable below) for current rates.

Membership Form

Click here for a copy of the membership form and currently offered services. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or call 206-723-0771 for more information on becoming a member.

Services & Rates

Services are available to Creative Collaborations members only. A list of services currently offered can be found on our membership form. 

Creative Collaborations charges groups for services using the following pricing principles:

  1. 1.Cost + 10%, where services rendered (either through a third-party or through Creative Collaborations) cost Creative Collaborations per organization, per transaction, or per unit of measure (e.g., disk space, user, hour)

  2. 2.Administrative Fee, where services are available in bulk/group discount and not divisible on a per-organization basis, or

  3. 3.Administrative Percentage, where Creative Collaborations is providing a packaged set of services.

We are currently offering only a limited set of services, as we focus on completing our Final Needs Assessment Report and implementing our pilot project. Availability of our full range of services is projected for Summer 2010. Thank you for your continued interest and patience.

Membership Requirements

Membership is open to community groups, nonprofit organizations seeking fiscal sponsorship, fiscally sponsored projects, and 501(c)(3) IRS tax exempt organizations.

Membership fee must be current.

Member organizations must complete our Needs Assessment Survey within 2 months of sign-up.

Creative Collaborations does not serve organizations that discriminate on the basis of age, race, national origin, citizenship, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or religious belief.

Pilot Project

Our pilot project, which we intend to launch in Fall 2009, seeks existing collaborations, alliances, networks, or associations that (1) work with or bring together start-up or small-to-midsize nonprofit/community organizations, (2) are for and about progressive social change, and (3) work within marginalized communities, including but not limited to:

  1. LGBTQ people of color communities

  2. Refugee and immigrant communities

  3. Low-income communities

  4. Individuals with disabilities

  5. Elder and youth populations

  6. Non-English speaking communities

Creative Collaborations will work with pilot project participants to identify common infrastructure and administrative functions that can be consolidated across organizations. More information coming soon.

Email us to learn more or to get involved.

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PRIVACY STATEMENT: We hate spam and promise to safeguard your valuable information. It will only be shared with third parties to deliver those services that you specifically express interest in.

DATA RETENTION: Creative Collaboration is committed to preserving your privacy. We believe the data you store or provide us in the course of doing your nonprofit work is an asset you own and have control and access to. We will not disclose information we collect from you to third parties without your permission except to the extent necessary, including: to fulfill your requests for services, to protect ourselves from liability, to respond to legal process or comply with law, or in connection with a merger, acquisition, or liquidation of the organization. Creative Collaborations, however, reserves the right to archive your organization’s data for the purposes of business continuity (backups).

DISCONTINUANCE: In the event of Creative Collaboration’s dissolution, all of your data will be returned to you, and our assets will be distributed to a nonprofit organization with a similar mission as ours, as stated in our bylaws. In the event of your organization’s dissolution or discontinuance of services provided by Creative Collaborations, we will follow your instructions with regard to how you wish to handle your data and information, limited only by the extent to which we have control and access to that data and information; and your organization will be responsible for (a) any third party charges to extract, access, and/or format that data in the manner requested by or available to you, and (b) the cost of work required by Creative Collaborations to deliver your request.